Blitz-Mix Covid Shield

Blitz-Mix has been working hard during our closure to prepare for opening and providing our services to you again. We have implemented a number of changes to enhance our services, ensuring you and our staff remain safe and healthy to prevent the spread of the infection.

Please find a detailed outline of these changes on this page. If you have any questions not covered or wish for further details please contact us and we will be happy to help. Let us help ensure your home is tidy, clean and now more then ever safe for you and your families.



All of our staff will be equipped with an ample supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to change into and out of after finishing a job and before entering a new premises. This includes gloves, face masks, aprons, shoe covers, visors, hand sanitizer and Dettol sprays.

New Protocol

Our staff have been given new instructions to follow and new training including thoroughly washing their hands prior to beginning and when finishing any job. All of our equipment such as trays will be sanitised between premises in order to prevent cross contamination between premises. Focus and attention to ‘High Touch’ areas such as handles and light switches to better ensure your home is left clean and safe.

Client Choice

We will now offer the option for us to use your own cloths and equipment where you would rather us do so as personal preference. This can be on an item by item basis or if you have a particular cleaning agent you wish us to use at your premises or your own vaccum etc.

Social Distancing

To help prevent the spread of infection we do ask at this time that where possible you are not present at the time of carrying out our services. If not possible we ask that you remain in a separate room as we clean or garden where possible to comply with social distancing measures. This will help protect yourselves and our staff at this time.

Maintaining Standards

At Blitz-Mix we have always washed and cleaned all of our cloths and equipment at high temperatures with Dettol washing liquid and will continue to do so using fresh cloths between each premises. No cloth will be used for multiple premises between cleaning as per our usual practises. We will maintain the high standards of cleaning we have always striven to and become known for. Our staff will continue to be trained and operate at a professional quality with consideration to all areas.