Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our most common queries

Here you can find some answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for please feel free to get in touch by call, Facebook or using the contact form provided on the site.

Are your staff DBS checked?

Yes, all our staff members are DBS checked.

Do you use bleach?

We don’t provide or use bleach as part of our services. However if you wish for bleach to be used anywhere for example toilets then we will do so if you provide it and inform us.

What is your price per hour?

Our set price is £13 per hour per cleaner and we always work in pairs.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured up to £1million public liability for your peace of mind.

If we give you a spare key will it be safe?

Any and all keys provided to us are stored securely, locked in a safe behind a passcoded entrance and an individually locked and alarmed office. There is professional security on site and at the door in a heartbeat in the event of a breach to any entrance.

Does someone have to be in for when your cleaners come?

No, it is completely your choice. We understand if you or someone you know wishes to be present during your slot. However arrangements can be made for your clean to take place in your absence.

Will it be the same cleaners each time?

We have set cleaners on set runs to the very best of our ability where possible. In the event of one of your regular cleaners being off sick or on holiday etc then another cleaner will attend alongside the other regular you have. Your clean will be completed to the same standard regardless.

Do you share our details with anyone?

No, we at Blitz-Mix take your privacy very seriously as we would our own. All your data is only provided on the basis with which you provided it in order to carry out the services agreed upon. It is saved securely on an AES-256 encrypted drive and when no longer required deleted using a Gutmann 35 pass deletion method ensuring it cannot be recovered, by a trained professional.